With a visit to the charming village of Thingeyri, located in the historical Dyrafjordur, you will get a chance to learn about the Vikings and ultimately become one. Starting with a visit to the Viking Area where meetings took place called Thing, therefore experiencing a Thing in Thingeyri.

Bird Watching Tours

Bird Watching


The bird watching season in the Westfjords of Iceland begins in April, with May and June offering the best opportunity of seeing the widest variety of species. Throughout the season you see the birds arriving and settling, nesting (preparing and building the nests), preserving their eggs, feeding the baby birds and finally coach them for flying and coping with the real world.

Dynjandi Waterfall

Driver Guide Tour From Ísafjörður

Rauðasandur 2.jpg

Dynjandi day tour

This tour starts in Ísafjörður and will lead you to the impressive waterfall Dynjandi which  is situated in Arnarfjörður. At the waterfall you will get the time you need to walk around, enjoy and take pictures in this beautiful setting. During this tour you will stop at Hrafnseyri the birthplace of Jón Sigurðsson, the National Hero of Iceland, stop at little fishing villages, see power plant stations among all the beautiful scenery and farms along the direction. Along this tour we will experience great deal of photo stops along the way.

Hornvík Height & Sights

Hiking Tour from Ísafjörður


When limited to only a couple days in Hornstrandir, the toughest part can be deciding where to go. Hornvík Bay is a clear favorite for many travelers and is our recommendation for the “I only have a couple days where should I go?” traveler.


Experience a tour in a SuperJeep exploring the mountains near Isafjordur.         
1 ½ to 2 hours depending on weather and snow conditions. 

Mt. Óshlíð Bike Adventure

Bike tour from Ísafjörður


Bike adventure on one of Iceland´s most "dangerous" roads.

The beautiful landscape, steep mountains, fjords, the nature reserve and the roaring ocean. 

Nature and Cultural Walk-Geology

Easy Walk in Ísafjörður

Geology Helga 4.png

- The oldest part of Iceland -

Would you like to know how Iceland was formed?

Did you ever want to see and understand the influence of the ice age glaciers on the landscape?

Are you fascinated by stones?

Are you interested in volcanic activity?

Your tour starts from Westtours office/Tourist Information Center in Ísafjörður and passing through the small village of 2600 inhabitants, and up to the mountain slopes. On the way through town you will see houses from the heyday of Ísafjörður and hear interesting things about the place, its history and culture.

Trolls & elves Helga 1.png

- Do you belive in fairytales? -

Do you like listening to legends and stories? Would you like to understand the past times in which they developed?

The small town of Ísafjörður is unique in Iceland. Its unusually well-preserved city center dates from the 19th century and still reflects its charming history, that remains alive in the legends and stories.

Rauðasandur - breathtaking landscape

Hiking Tour from Patreksfjörður

Leikið í fjörunni.jpg

Rauðasandur is one of Iceland’s most spectacular sites and most famous beach, red coloured in beautiful settings of black cliffs and blue ocean. If weather and visibility are good we can see all the way to Snæfellsnes peninsula and Snæfellsjökull glacier.


Experience Ísafjarðardjúp bay in all it’s glory. This 4 hour exciting safari tours offers you magnificent views over the landscape from the sea and visit to the island Vigur. This is an experience that's difficult to forget!


We start with a safety instruction and the distribution of warm overalls and life jackets which you will have to wear onboard. It is important to wear warm footwear and even mittens, it gets cold once out on the sea.

Then it’s time to sail into Ísafjarðardjúp, the stunning fjord region just off Ísafjörður. We are heading to the island Vigur which, during the summer, has a large population of puffins, eider ducks and other seabirds.

20150903_145559 (1).jpg

Take a ride with us in the rural part of the Westfjords. Visit one of the best spots in Iceland for seal watching and catch a glimpse of these „dogs of the sea“ in the surf. 


BackCountry roads and mountain panorama like nowhere else.
This tour will leave you speechless, delivering more thrills than a theme park


Visit three villages; get to know the local marine culture and regional seafood cuisine. This half day tour will allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the local history and the pure seafood in the Westfjords.

Vigur - Paradise Island

Excursion From Ísafjörður

Lundar í Vigur

Over the years, the island Vigur has earned itself a great reputation and is therefore a must on any itinerary. Its five friendly inhabitants welcome you with their relaxed easy manner and somehow, one feels that time stands still in Vigur and the harmony of thousands of birds in Vigur completes the beautiful landscape.

Memory Lane at The Farm Ögur

A Walk in Ögurs Area


Join us on a walking tour that takes in the sheep barn with its interesting architecture, and the smoking hut with its wooden frames still used for drying fish and shark in the traditional way. After that we make our way to the beautiful little church where our guide will entertain us with some fascinating stories from the rich history of the area.

Under the Cliffs

Super Jeep Tour From Ísafjörður


This thrilling super jeep safari is one of Iceland's ultimate off the beaten path adventures!

We follow the rugged shoreline trail around the Svalvogar peninsula. Characterised by sharp cliffs and intimidating mountains, inspiring fjord views and surf battered beaches, colourful rocks and ancient volcanic layers...

The Cairn (sunwatch)

Hiking Tour From Ögur


A hiking trip up the mountain above Ögur to see the cairns and contemplate their purpose.
Departure from the parking lot by Ögurnes and hiking upp Ögurháls to the mountain above Ögur.

Valley to Valley

Hiking Tour From Ísafjörður

Valley to Valley_2.jpg

The mountains and valleys around Isafjordur offers the enthusiastic walker some great opportunities for daytrips in the unspoiled nature. The view over the picturesque town and the sheer mountains on each side is spectacular and takes on a different shape with every step of the way.

RIB-boat Ocean Safari

RIB Boat Tour From Ísafjörður

RIB-boat View


2 hours sightseeing safari tour from Ísafjörður town which offers a magnificent view over the surrounding landscape from the sea side.   


Taste of Iceland - Afternoon tour

Boat Tour From Stykkishólmur


In the afternoon we sail around the numerous islands, explore strangely shaped cliffs, exceptionally strong tidal currents, in spring and summer there are plenty of birds to watch e.g. puffins, cormorants, black guillemots, kittiwakes and if we are lucky, the majestic white-tailed eagle. In autumn we emphasize the interesting geological and historical places.

VikingSushi Adventure

Boat Tour From Stykkishólmur

Sushi adventure.jpg

Bird & nature watching tour with fresh viking sushi from Breiðafjörður.
We sail around the numerous islands, explore strangely shaped cliffs, exceptionally strong tidal currents, watch birds e.g. puffins, cormorants, black guillemots, kittiwakes and if we are lucky, the majestic white-tailed eagle.

VikingSushi Adventure - Short Version

Boat Tour From Stykkishólmur


Marine life, folktales and adventure. We sail around the small islands nearby Stykkishólmur and hear stories about the area

Calm Waters

Kayaking From Ísafjörður


Experience the beautiful surroundings of Ísafjörður from the seaside. Kayaking between the mountains is an unforgettable adventure.  Bird watchers love kayaking as it gives them a different angle and a quiet and subtle way to approach the bird life. This trip is perfect for those looking for an exciting introduction to the great sport of sea kayaking. Paddling under the magnificent mountains towering over the town around Ísafjörður, the traveler experiences the closeness of nature and the beauty of the landscape from an exciting angle.

Two Fjords Discovery

Kayaking From Ísafjörður


Sea kayaking day tour for kayakers with some paddling experience. This adventure offers the possibility of viewing whales and seals on our most challenging sea kayaking trip.

Wildlife of Vigur island

Kayaking From Reykjanes

Hot Pools Kayaking 1.jpg

This exciting trip takes you from Hvítanes peninsula with its large colony of harbour seals, out to and around Vigur Island, where the birdlife is just about as rich as it gets. Seeing the teeming life of Ísafjarðardjúp Bay while enjoying the unique, panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and fjords from the sea is an experience like no other. Stopping at Vigur to eat our delicious home-made lunch among the puffins and eider ducks is sure to get you ready for the paddle back to the mainland. 

Remains of village

Kayaking From Ögur

Ögur Travel (26).jpg

A short and relatively easy trip in the beautiful surroundings of Ögur in Ísafjarðardjúp. It suits those who are getting reaquainted with their old kayaking skills as well as those who have never been on a kayak before.

Seals visited

Kayaking From Ögur


This is a 4 hour kayak tour in beautiful surroundings of Ögur. Get a chance to row amongst seals in their natural habitat. They usually rest on rocks on the low tide, but greet kayakers by swimming around them in the ocean.

Small island

Kayaking From Ögur

Ögur Travel (24).jpg

Kayaking between small Islands in the surroundings of fjord Ísafjarðardjúp. Get a glimpse of the beautiful nature and rich culture of Ísafjarðardjúp on this 3 hour kayak tour.

The Birds of Island Vigur

Kayaking From Ögur

Ögur Travel (5).jpg

Kayaking trip from Ögur to Vigur. We row along the shore of the island in midst of flocks of puffins and other birds. We might come across a whale or two and be inspected by seals.

Kayaking and hot springs

Kayaking From Heydalur


Mjóifjörður (e. Narrow Fjord) is a great fjord for kayaking. The magnificent view outward Mjóifjörður towards the Drangajökull glacier makes kayaking amongst the seals and the seabirds in the fjord an unforgettable adventure.

In the wilderness

Kayaking Tour From Ögur

in the wilderness.jpg

Kayaking and hiking in the wilderness
We start at Ögurtravel location in Ögur and paddle across Ísafjarðardjúp (Bay of Ísafjörður) with the necessary stops. We paddle along the Island Æðey and even step at the Island. From there we paddle along Snæfjallaströnd (Snowy Mountain Beach) and stop at selected locations to admire the magnificent view

One with nature

Kayaking Tour From Ögur

Rauður kayak og selur.JPG

Over the summer we offer four extended trips by kayak exploring the remote and magical inner area of Ísafjörður Bay or Djup as the locals call it. 

Horseback Riding in Dýrafjörður

Horseback Riding From Þingeyri

Mynd 5.jpg

Great trip for beginners and little experienced riders. The Sanda valley is situated between some of the most spectacular mountains of the Westfjords. It offers great riding opportunities in a tranquil and picturesque setting.

Horseback Riding in Heydalur

Horseback Riding in Heydalur


Adventure Valley
Heydalur is a wooded valley - that is, on an Icelandic scale. Canyons and waterfalls line the valley and birch and birds are all around. With its diversity in nature and activities this tour is a spectacular experience. Medium difficulty, participants should be in good shape.

The Beautiful Waterfall Dynjandi

Jeep Tour From Ísafjörður

Dynjandi 3.jpg

Guided sightseeing tour by a car
Driving across the mountains to the southwest from Ísafjörður gives an excellent view of the harsh landscape, narrow passes across sharp mountain ridges and deep, sheltered fjords...

Fjords & Farms

Sightseeing Tour From Ísafjörður

Haukur Vestfirðir 2006 (9).jpg

This tour will give you a fascinating insight of  the rural surroundings of Ísafjörður. “Western Wonders” as we call them in Iceland include the breathtaking mountains, endless scenery, fantastic birdlife and beautiful architecture. 

Ísafjörður Walk

A Walk in Ísafjörður


Every day life -

You will walk through the village and up to the mountain slopes. You will visit interesting places, such as historical houses and trade centers from the prime time of Ísafjörður. Further you will receive information on history and culture and hear a lot of stories about the people who lived here and their common beliefs and  visit the places from where the stories are told. 

Splendid Combination - Dynjandi Waterfall & villages

Sightseeing Tour From Patreksfjörður

Splendid Combination1.jpg

Arnarfjörður is widely considered the most beautiful fjord in the Westfjords because of its diverse landscape, magnificent mountains and the impressive waterfall Dynjandi, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland. Admire the highest mountain in the Westfjords, Kaldbakur and bathe in a hot spring pool surrounded by the beautiful Icelandic nature.

The Grand West - Látrabjarg & Rauðasandur

Tour From Patreksfjörður

The Grand West2.JPG

Walk on Europe’s largest bird cliff, Látrabjarg, the western-most point of Europe. Enjoy the amazing world of bird life and incredible nature. The stillness and pristine beauty of Rauðasandur is one of Iceland’s best preserved secrets. Enjoy the impressive diversity of natural wonders and unspoiled nature. Unsurpassable and “must see” sites, which create unforgettable memories.

The Backstreets of Ísafjörður

Walking in Ísafjörður


- History at every corner -

Join the locals in their daily lives - In this tour you will get a glimpse of the traditional everyday life in Ísafjörður. In a two-hour long walk around town, accompanied by a local guide, you will experience the town’s true spirit in a way otherwise not available. Along the way you are likely to bump into the local barber who plays the accordion or even interrupt the baker training for the marathon.

The Old Way – an encounter with Nordic Paganism

Nordic Paganism Tour in Arnardalur


An encounter with Nordic Paganism.
Storytelling, ancient ritual and local food -The tour focuses on storytelling, giving information on a subject that has influenced the Icelandic nation up to this day, both consciously and in ways that is more subtle. Also, it is a tour of the taste buds, with an introduction of local food. All this takes place in an environment of wonders, gorgeous nature and a former cow shed.

The Wonder World of Látrabjarg

Bird Watching Tour from Patreksfjörður

The Wonder World of Látrabj.2.jpg

Walking on the edges of the cliff with local guidance and enjoying the majestically pristine Icelandic nature is an unforgettable adventure. Látrabjarg is one of the most beautiful natural sites of Iceland. It is the largest sea bird colony in the Northern Atlantic and marks the most western-point of Europe.

Tour to the puffin paradise

Bird Watching Tour From Drangsnes

Puffin paradise af gömlu

From Drangsnes harbour.
Grimsey in Steingrimsfjordur is the biggest island of Strandir region. The legend says that Grimsey was made when three trolls were
trying to dig the West Fjords apart from Iceland. When tossing stones, lava and mud in all direction, Grimsey Island was formed as well as all the islands in Breidafjordur. Fortunately, the trolls didn’t succeed, but only 8 km remained on sunrise and the trolls turned to rock. People lived in the island until the 20th century both fishermen and farmers. In the beginning of 20th century foxes were farmed in the island, hunted and their pelt sold.

Fishing Village Food Trail

Food Tasting Tour in Suðureyri

Food trail.jpg

Fishing Village Food Trail - Taste Iceland's nr. 1 export. Get a fresh taste of the finest export that Iceland has to offer and see how Iceland's most exported fish can be on your dinner plate at your home just 36 hours after being caught from the ice cold Atlantic ocean.

Mountain Bike Adventure

Bike Tour From Þingeyri


Go mountain biking the whole day from Þingeyri in Dýrafjörður. Rent a bike, get a lunch bag, bike the “Dream Road” and be back for dinner in the coffeehouse at 19:00 PM.

Fjord Wandering

Bike Tour From Patreksfjörður

mynd 6.jpg

Experience the beautiful fjord Tálknafjörður on a bike. You will be able to see some of the nicest parts of the fjord. F.ex. Sveinseyri, Sellátrar and Arnarstapi, where you can recharge your energy levels. The tour will finish at the hot spring pool Pollurinn, where you can relax after the tour.

Fox Watching Day in Hornvík

Fox Watching Tour From Ísafjörður

Refir á Hornströndum.jpg

- Searching for the Arctic Fox -
The arctic fox was the only land mammal living in Iceland when the settlers arrived in the ninth century, living here in the nature's harmony. Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is home to Iceland´s most dense arctic fox population, making it a great place for watching them in their environment.