Hiking Services

West Tours gladly assists groups or individuals that plan to hike in Hornstrandir both in regards to the travel itinerary and other services needed. This often is a kind of a puzzle, but West Tour's staff is happy to assist you with any kind of tours.


Travel plans

We can help you to organize the best hiking tour for your group, focused on the groups interest and ability. 


Passanger transportation

We try to use scheduled boat transfer for groups but we are also ready to set up special tours for bigger group and on dates/times that fit your needs the best.


Luggage transportation

We try to use our scheduled boat transfers for your luggage or food transportation to hold the costs low, but can also organize special tours if needed.



We will assist you with accommodation in Hornstrandir, but note that there is not many houses in the area.


Accommodation before and after the hike

We can book any kind of accommodation for the night/s before or after your hike.



We can provide you with one or more guides that know Hornstrandir very well


Welcome back lunch/dinner

After your arrival back in civilization, we can organize a delious welcome-back lunch or dinner in one of Ísafjörðurs or neighbouring towns restaurants.


Just drop us a line: westtours@westtours.is