Meetings and Conferences

Holding a meeting or a confrence in the Westfjords is something special as the setting itself is something special, our former guests on former meeting and conferences agree.

Thus holding such a meeting in the Westfjords is something that companies, clubs or interest groups should aim at, no matter whether it‘s during spring, late summer or winter.


We can take care of or assist with the following services

• Setting up the meeting agenda

• Booking of meeting rooms

• Registration of participants

• Refreshments

• Booking of domestic flights and flybus

• Booking of accommodation

• Booking of activities between meetings or/and as the closing end

-        Popular activities: sightseeing tours by bus or boat

-        Outdoor activities: boat tours, horse riding, guided walks, kayaking

-        Cultural and musical entertainment


• Other services that our customers require during the meeting or if they want to take advantages of opportunities and lengthen their stay in the Westfjords


We also emphasize on the opportunity that participants of the meetings/conferences should bring their families or friends with them – we will without a doubt organize something interesting to for them meanwhile.


We are proud about and do agree with what some of our guests of the succesful meeting in August 2012 stated when leaving Ísafjöður:"The Westfjords are definitely worth more than one visit!"


Meetings/conferences organized by West Tours, 2011-2012:

Upplifðu - The interaction of tourism and creative industries
Tourism Conference in Ísafjörður October 5th – 6th 2011.

Nordic Maritime Museums Meeting 

Representatives from the Nordic Maritime Museums in Ísafjörður on August 22nd – 25th2012.


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