Self-Drive Packages

Self Drive package

Exploring the Westfjords on your own is definetely a way of traveling. We recommend it to travelers who want to travel individually and want more freedom to wander about the majestic landscapes all around the Westfjords


Thus we offer self-driving tours of different length, both during summer and winter.


If you plan to drive the whole Westfjords circle during summer, you should at least stay for 4 or 5 days. Also a trip to the Westfjords not covering the whole peninsula is worth at least two days.


In winter time the road conditions don‘t allow us to drive the full circle yet, but nevertheless a few day‘s stay is possible in nearly all places. You can find information about the roads at


If you have a little time to visit the Westfjords, you could for example fly into Ísafjörður from Reykjavík (40 minutes fight) and stay just over the day and fly back the same day or stay for 1-2 nights.