Tour to the puffin paradise

Bird Watching Tour From Drangsnes

Puffin paradise af gömlu

From Drangsnes harbour.

Grimsey in Steingrimsfjordur is the biggest island of Strandir region. The legend says that Grimsey was made when three trolls were trying to dig the Westfords apart from Iceland. When tossing stones, lava and mud in all direction, Grimsey Island was formed as well as all the islands in Breidafjordur. Fortunately, the trolls didn’t succeed, but only 8 km remained on sunrise and the trolls turned to rock. People lived in the island until the 20th century both fishermen and farmers. In the beginning of 20th century foxes were
farmed in the island, hunted and their pelt sold.

The boat ride takes only 10 min from Drangsnes to Grimsey Island where visitors will see the magnificent flocks of birds flying around. It is estimated that 80-90 thousand puffins live in the island as well as flocks of other species. Walk around with a guide around the island where emphasis is put on the history and bird life of the island. In good weather conditions, the boat will perhaps go around the island.

Departure is from the docks in the town, but not from the docks 2 km west from the town.

Season: 15/6 - 5/8 2017
Departure: 09:00 + 13:30 daily
Tour length: 3-4 hrs
Included: boat trip and guidance.
Price: 13+ yrs 10.000 ISK per person 
            4-12 yrs 5.000 ISK per person 
            0-3 yrs 0 ISK

grimsey_lundar.JPGLundi C_U.JPGLundi.jpgPuffin paradise af gömlu