VikingSushi Adventure - Short Version

Boat Tour From Stykkishólmur


Marine life, folktales and adventure

We sail around the small islands nearby Stykkishólmur and hear stories about the area. Crabs, scallops, starfish, whelk and other fruits of the sea will be caught and everyone gets a chance to taste fresh scallops.There are many old traditional folk tales about the area that you will see, among them the tail of a special stone, seemingly out of place, in one of the thousands of beautiful islands in Breiðafjörður bay. Children get a coloring book with pictures of the marine life they saw on the tour.Children must be accompanied by adults.




Season 2018: 12/06 - 10/08  

Departure: at 13:50
Tour length: 1 hour & 20 min
Included: sailing, guidance, refreshments from the sea and a colouring book
Minimum: 1
adults: 6.220 ISK per person
16-20 years old: 3.110 ISK per person
0-15 years old: free!