Memory Lane at The Farm Ögur

A Walk in Ögurs Area


A Gentle Walk Down Memory Lane – exellent for everyone.


While many no doubt come to Ögur for the outdoor challenge of hiking and kajaking in the beautiful surroundings, no less enjoyable is the opportunity to spend a few hours exploring this farm that´s steeped in history and folklore.

Join us on a walking tour that takes place in the sheep barn with its interesting architecture, and the smoking hut with its wooden frames still used for drying fish and shark in the traditional way.

Finally we make our way to the beautiful little church where our guide will entertain us with some fascinating stories from the rich history of this remarkable place.

This tour is suitable for those travelling on their own or groups travelling by bus.

Season: 1/6 - 30/9 2016, and on request
Departure: daily on request
Tour length: 2-3 hrs
Included: guidance
Minimum: 4
Price: 5.200 ISK per person.

Note:  Food or coffee in the end of tour not included.  

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