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Sightseeing Tour From Ísafjörður

Haukur Vestfirðir 2006 (9).jpg

This tour will give you a fascinating insight of  the rural surroundings of Ísafjörður. “Western Wonders” as we call them in Iceland include the breathtaking mountains, endless scenery, fantastic birdlife and beautiful architecture. The tour will lead you to a countryside and fishing villages where you will get some interesting information about the inhabitants´ daily life and work. We will start by driving through Ísafjörður to Tungudalur  and  stop at  a beautiful waterfall surrounded by green nature. From there we will drive to Flateyri, a fishing village and stop at the  local church, viewing platform and the  handcrafts gallery. In this tour you can also visit the museums of the area, for example the “Nonsense Museum” in Flateyri, or the “Arctic Fox Center” in Súðavík. The tour can include a visit to some farmers or fish factory.

If the weather allows, you can  also  get the chance of a walk on the beautiful white beach in Önundarfjörður, fjord which is surrounded by  steep mountains. The tour route depends on the participants’ interests, weather conditions and seasons.

Season: all year
Departure: on request
Tour length: ca. 3 hours
Included: jeep/bus and guidance
Minimum/Max: 4-17 person
Price: 15.500,- per person

Private tour available for 60000-isk

_MG_4158.JPGHaukur Vestfirðir 2006 (1).jpgHaukur Vestfirðir 2006 (9).jpgFlateyri.jpgur_onundarfirði_hestur.JPGYfir Hjarðardal 1.jpgYfir Önundarfjörð.jpgSandkastala keppni.jpgBryggjan.jpgæðafuglar.JPGKýr.JPGSandur Önundarfjörður.JPG