Nature and Cultural Walk-Plants

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- Westfjords flora - 

Are you interested in the Icelandic flora?

Would you like to know the names of the plants you see in the nature?

Would you like to learn about the use of plants in the past and also today?

You enjoy being in nature?

Your walk starts at Westtours/Tourist Information Center in Ísafjörður, passing through the small town of 2600 inhabitants, and up to the slopes above the village. On the way through town you will see houses from the heyday of Ísafjörður and hear interesting things about the place, its history and culture.

You will also learn in an easy way, something about the formation of the Westfjords while you will experience the wonderful view of the fjord and surrounding valleys.

By the slopes, surrounded by nature, you get an insight into the Icelandic vegetation and see plants in their natural habitat. Our guide will show you the plants and tell you interesting facts about the wild flora and their use in the past and today.

You will be fascinated by the Icelandic nature and enjoy the special atmosphere - where even the stone emit a smell!


 At the end of the hike it will be possible to visit the tourist guide´s garden.


 An option - you can buy herbal tea from the typical plants which can be found on the nearby mountain slopes..

Season: 1/5-15/10 2017

Departure: daily at 10:00 and 14:00

Meeting point: Westtours/Tourist Information Center

Elevation: up to 80 m

Tour-lenght: 3 hours.

Include: Guide

Minimum: 1


If only 1 person 20.000 ISK

2-5 persons 12.900 ISK per person

6-7 persons 11.600 ISK per person

8-10 persons 10.300 ISK per person

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