Stars and Northern Lights

Sightseeing Tour From Ísafjörður

Norðurljós Holtsbryggja.JPG

This is an amazing sightseeing tour in Önundarfjord where you can see the northern lights dancing in the winter sky. We drive into the countryside where the manmade lights do not disturb the unique experience of the view of the Northern Lights and the stars in the sky. The tour as well offers a unique view of mountains and the white sand beach in the beautiful fjord.

Hot cocoa and national pastries (kleinur) are served in the open air.

This tour is subjective to correct weather and the sightseeing cannot be guaranteed. We reserve the right to cancel the tour if the weather is bad.  

Season: 01/09 - 15/04   
Departure: 22:00
Tour length: ca. 2 hours
Included: vehivle suitable for an different sized groups. driver guide and refreshment
Minimum/Max: 2- 17 person
Price: 12.500,- ISL per person

nor_urlj_s_hehhe_j.jpgnor_urlj_s_j.jpgSkær norðurljós.jpgFlateyri og norðurljós.JPGÍsafjörður á vetrarnóttu.jpgNorðurljós Holtsbryggja.JPGNorðurljós og sandur.JPGNorðurljós.JPGÖnundarfjörður norðurljós.jpg