Fox Watching Day in Hornvík

Fox Watching Tour From Ísafjörður

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- Searching for the Arctic Fox -

The arctic fox was the only land mammal living in Iceland when the settlers arrived in the ninth century, living here in the nature's harmony. Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is home to Iceland´s most dense arctic fox population, making it a great place for watching them in their environment 

We depart with a boat from Ísafjörður in the morning for the Hornstrandir area. The transfer takes approximately 2-2,5 hours each way.

The length of the stay in the area is around 4-5 hours and the length of the hike to the den is uncertain. 
This is a tour for nature lovers who are interested in seeing a special animal in the very special Hornstrandir area. The tour is done in cooperation with the Arctic Fox Centre in Súðavík village,which is a research center, museum and a coffee house. 


Please wear good hiking boots and bring warm, wind-and waterproof clothes as well as gloves and a cap.

Season: 7/6 -30/8 2018
Departure: Thursdays at 09:00 
Tour length: 10-12 hours

Minimum: 2 persons

Maximum: 6 persons
Included: boat transfers and guidance

Price: 49.900 per person 





Refir á Hornströndum.jpgRefur á Hornströndum.jpgDSC00267.JPGDSC00285.JPGDSC00227.JPGHælavíkurbjarg cliff, seen from Hornvík.JPG