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The old road between the towns of Ísafjörður and Bolungarvík, is well known among locals as the most dangerous road in Iceland. The sheer cliffs that loom above caused many avalanches and rockfalls in the past that caused serious accidents and fatalities. Fortunately there is now a tunnel between the two towns that opened in 2010 but the road is still there and on good days it's great to bike the road or kayak along the shore, enjoying the peaceful rythm of the sea while watching the birds in the sky and the seals swimming curiously near the kayaks.

On this trip we paddle with the wind the whole time and either start in Bolungarvík og Ísafjörður depending on the wind direction. 

Calm Waters

Kayaking From Ísafjörður


Experience the beautiful surroundings of Ísafjörður from the seaside. Kayaking between the mountains is an unforgettable adventure.  Bird watchers love kayaking as it gives them a different angle and a quiet and subtle way to approach the bird life. This trip is perfect for those looking for an exciting introduction to the great sport of sea kayaking. Paddling under the magnificent mountains towering over the town around Ísafjörður, the traveler experiences the closeness of nature and the beauty of the landscape from an exciting angle.

Two Fjords Discovery

Kayaking From Ísafjörður


Sea kayaking day tour for kayakers with some paddling experience. This adventure offers the possibility of viewing whales and seals on our most challenging sea kayaking trip.

Wildlife of Vigur island

Kayaking From Reykjanes

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This exciting trip takes you from Hvítanes peninsula with its large colony of harbour seals, out to and around Vigur Island, where the birdlife is just about as rich as it gets. Seeing the teeming life of Ísafjarðardjúp Bay while enjoying the unique, panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and fjords from the sea is an experience like no other. Stopping at Vigur to eat our delicious home-made lunch among the puffins and eider ducks is sure to get you ready for the paddle back to the mainland. 

Kayaking and hot springs

Kayaking From Heydalur


Mjóifjörður (e. Narrow Fjord) is a great fjord for kayaking. The magnificent view outward Mjóifjörður towards the Drangajökull glacier makes kayaking amongst the seals and the seabirds in the fjord an unforgettable adventure.

Remains of village

Kayaking From Ögur

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A short and relatively easy trip in the beautiful surroundings of Ögur in Ísafjarðardjúp. It suits those who are getting reaquainted with their old kayaking skills as well as those who have never been on a kayak before.

Seals visited

Kayaking From Ögur


This is a 4 hour kayak tour in beautiful surroundings of Ögur. Get a chance to row amongst seals in their natural habitat. They usually rest on rocks on the low tide, but greet kayakers by swimming around them in the ocean.

Small island

Kayaking From Ögur

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Kayaking between small Islands in the surroundings of fjord Ísafjarðardjúp. Get a glimpse of the beautiful nature and rich culture of Ísafjarðardjúp on this 3 hour kayak tour.

The Birds of Island Vigur

Kayaking From Ögur

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Kayaking trip from Ögur to Vigur. We row along the shore of the island in midst of flocks of puffins and other birds. We might come across a whale or two and be inspected by seals.

In the wilderness

Kayaking Tour From Ögur

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Kayaking and hiking in the wilderness
We start at Ögurtravel location in Ögur and paddle across Ísafjarðardjúp (Bay of Ísafjörður) with the necessary stops. We paddle along the Island Æðey and even step at the Island. From there we paddle along Snæfjallaströnd (Snowy Mountain Beach) and stop at selected locations to admire the magnificent view

One with nature

Kayaking Tour From Ögur

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Over the summer we offer four extended trips by kayak exploring the remote and magical inner area of Ísafjörður Bay or Djup as the locals call it.