Here we have some information on maps of the Westfjords; both small hiking maps published by local authorities and bigger maps, like Hornstrandir map published by the National Land Survey. 

New hiking maps
Westfjords Tourism Association has now published 7 new hiking maps for the whole Westfjords peninsula. The maps, both suitable for hikers, bikers and those riding on horsebacks, are produced with the state-of-the-art digital technology to ensure high quality. Each map has severals hiking path descriptions, both in English and Icelandic. The maps covers appr. 300 hiking paths in the whole area, plus other useful informations. The maps can be bought at all major touristic attractions in the Westfjords, as well as in the Magi-Craft on-line store.
The maps can be bought at the Tourist Information in Isafjordur, located in the same building as West Tours.



Great maps, published by the National Land Survey of Iceland can be bought at bookshops.


Westfjords and North Iceland Norðurland - Vestfirðir
An excellent new touring map with contour shading and 50 m contour lines, based on new digital map data. It contains the latest information about Iceland's road system, including road distances and road numbers, as well as important tourist information such as filling stations, accommodation, swimming pools, museums, protected relics, golf courses, rest stops, viewing dials and boat trips.
Scale: 1:250 000 
Published: 2002 
Sheet size: 86 x 137 cm 
Language: English, German, French and Icelandic


Hornstrandir Hiking map Hornstrandir - gönguleiðir
The new hiking map of Hornstrandir contains detailed contour information, vegetation information from satellite data and newly revised information about roads, tracks and hiking paths. On the reverse side is a complete list of all names on the map.
Published: 2000
Scale: 1:100 000
Sheet size: 62 x 83.5 cm.
Language: English, Icelandic


Cycling Iceland 2014 

The map "Cycling Iceland 2014" includes useful information for bikers traveling in Iceland.

Here is a PDF version of the map. 


Some internet stores where maps can be bought: - Hornstrandir