-Join us for an adventure in the beautiful  Westfjords!-

Experience the raw natural beauty of the area while riding an Icelandic horse. We offer short private riding tours every day especially suitable for those who have never been on horseback. We take pleasure in introducing people from all over the world to the wonders of the Icelandic horse and the beautiful area of Westfjords. Our tours are designed for beginners and inexperienced, but advanced riders are welcome also. 


Experience a tour in a SuperJeep exploring the mountains near Isafjordur.         
1 ½ to 2 hours depending on weather and snow conditions. 

Mt. Óshlíð Bike Adventure

Bike tour from Ísafjörður


Bike adventure on one of Iceland´s most "dangerous" roads.

The beautiful landscape, steep mountains, fjords, the nature reserve and the roaring ocean. 

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- Do you belive in fairytales? -

Do you like listening to legends and stories? Would you like to understand the past times in which they developed?

The small town of Ísafjörður is unique in Iceland. Its unusually well-preserved city center dates from the 19th century and still reflects its charming history, that remains alive in the legends and stories.


Ísafjörður has earned its reputation for the best cross country skiing tracks and easy ski routes in Iceland. The roots of skiing in Ísafjörður are deep with the oldest cross country ski race in the country and many Olympic skiers in town. Now you get a chance to test your skills with a professional guide that will show you the tricks of the trade.

Calm Waters

Kayaking From Ísafjörður


Experience the beautiful surroundings of Ísafjörður from the seaside. Kayaking between the mountains is an unforgettable adventure.  Bird watchers love kayaking as it gives them a different angle and a quiet and subtle way to approach the bird life. This trip is perfect for those looking for an exciting introduction to the great sport of sea kayaking. Paddling under the magnificent mountains towering over the town around Ísafjörður, the traveler experiences the closeness of nature and the beauty of the landscape from an exciting angle.

Fjords & Farms

Sightseeing Tour From Ísafjörður

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This tour will give you a fascinating insight of  the rural surroundings of Ísafjörður. “Western Wonders” as we call them in Iceland include the breathtaking mountains, endless scenery, fantastic birdlife and beautiful architecture. 

Ísafjörður Walk

A Walk in Ísafjörður


Every day life -

You will walk through the village and up to the mountain slopes. You will visit interesting places, such as historical houses and trade centers from the prime time of Ísafjörður. Further you will receive information on history and culture and hear a lot of stories about the people who lived here and their common beliefs and  visit the places from where the stories are told. 

The Backstreets of Ísafjörður

Walking in Ísafjörður


- History at every corner -

Join the locals in their daily lives - In this tour you will get a glimpse of the traditional everyday life in Ísafjörður. In a two-hour long walk around town, accompanied by a local guide, you will experience the town’s true spirit in a way otherwise not available. Along the way you are likely to bump into the local barber who plays the accordion or even interrupt the baker training for the marathon.

Stars and Northern Lights

Sightseeing Tour From Ísafjörður

Norðurljós Holtsbryggja.JPG

This is an amazing sightseeing tour in Önundarfjord where you can see the northern lights dancing in the winter sky.