Gear & Checklist


The Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is a popular hiking destination. The area can be difficult to pass, days can go by without travelers meeting other people and the weather can change very suddenly and without a warning.  Therefore it is necessary for everyone that plans to hike in the nature reserve to be well prepared. Each hiker is responsible for their well-being and safety.  bringing all items needed to stay safe and comfortable.

We have put together a compiled list of equipment and tips about bringing but is not a final list. Each hiker has to adjust it to the time of the year, the length of the hike, and their ideas.


Hiking gear


Backpack: Your backpack needs to be fully waterproofed and with a rain cover. Please check the zippers at home before you start your travel. 

Hiking poles: It is good to have poles when crossing high mountain passes or snowfields. To protect the vegetation only use walking poles where necessary. 

Compass, map & GPS: You need to know how to use it in all weather conditions. Hornstrandir can be extremely foggy, therefore knowing how to use it is essential.



Hiking boots: You need sturdy, waterproof hiking shoes with good support for your ankles. 

Wading shoes: There are several unbridged rivers in the Hornstrandir Area and you will have to wade.

Mittens, gloves, shorts, socks, trek trousers, thermal pants, thermal tops, mitten covers, Hiking jacket, windproofed hat, and wool sweater.

Make sure all outside layers are waterproofed.


Camping Gear


Sleeping bag: It needs to be of good quality; light and warm. The sleeping bag has to fit within the waterproofed area of the backpack and we recommend keeping it in a plastic bag to give it an extra layer of protection.  

Tent: The ideal backpacking tent is lightweight, spacious, and tough enough to handle any inclement weather that you can throw at it.

Mattress: Thin, light, and inflatable.




cooking equipment


Stove, gas, and cooking pot: The gas can be bought in Ísafjörður town but other items are safer to bring with you. Once you are in the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve you can not buy anything.  Matches,  dish and cup, cutlery, thermos and water bottle, and pocket knife are items you want to bring along.



It is best to choose the lightest options you can find. Icelanders love to carry their dry fish for hikes and if you like the taste we can highly recommend it. Other ideas worth mentioning are oatmeal, crispbread, biscuits, noodles, pasta, soups, dried food & fruits. All types of warm drinks like tea, coffee, and cocoa. And don't forget the chocolate :)

Most of these items can be found in local stores in Ísafjörður town like Nettó and Bónus. If you have a special brand or some type of special need it is safer to buy it in Reykjavík before traveling to the Westfjords.


First Aid & cosmetics

As said before all guests need to bring something you need to carry and still hope you do not need to use it.  First Aid is a good example of that. We always make sure our kit includes;

1: Painkillers. Tablets, cream, and spray can be recommended.

2: Band-aid and elastic bandage.

3: Sun protection and aloe