A Day's hike in the Nature Reserve - Hornstrandir Hike

Due to the harshness of the environment, the Hornstrandir area was abandoned completely by the last of its inhabitants in the early 1950s. Since 1974 the flora and fauna have been protected and now arctic foxes, birds, seals, and plants have thrived undisturbed. This is the perfect full-day hike to enjoy all of what the area has to offer. You´ll leave by boat from Ísafjörður in the morning for Aðalvík. Continuing on foot to the abandoned settlement at Hesteyri, we pass the old church before crossing the mountain from where we will enjoy a spectacular and panoramic view across Ísafjarðardjúp bay and Jökulfirðir. Once we reach Hesteyri warm drinks and pancakes will await us at the Doctors House Café. We will return from Hesteyri in the late afternoon and be back in Ísafjörður around 10:00hrs. 

This is a moderate hike for people in good shape. Hiking distance is about 14 km on rough ground and elevation is about 300 m.