History at Hesteyri - Hornstrandir Visit

If you are looking for an easy, calm day tour to the Hornstrandir area, this is the choice.  We offer you a guided day tour of the abandoned village of Hesteyri. The village is only be reached by boat and the boat ride from Ísafjörður takes up to 70 minutes. Luring in one of the renowned Glacier Fjords (Jökulfirðir), The peaceful Hesteyri has beautiful scenery and rich history. In the late 1940s, the people of the village made a common decision to move away, and in 1952 the village stood totally abandoned. Upon arrival, the guide will take you for a walk around the village, and you´ll get an insight into the history and a feeling of how it was to live almost on the edge of the earth. It is also a great way to enjoy the pure, colorful nature of the Hornstrandir area, popular with hikers. The walk ends in the old Doctor´s house where you´ll be served traditional Icelandic refreshments. If lucky you´ll get a chance to see seals, arctic foxes (polar foxes), or even a whale on this tour.