King and Queen of Cliffs - Hornstrandir Hike

Hornvík is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in Iceland. It is surrounded by two of the three largest bird cliffs in Europe, has a mystic remoteness and magnificent landscape. To get to Hornvík you must sail for 2-2,5 hours straight and sometimes the ride can be a bit bumpy. Before stepping onto dry land we stop for a moment to view the cliffs of Hælavíkurbjarg; a cliff that reaches vertically at an altitude of 258 meters. Stepping ashore on the other side of the bay, you hike up-to one of the mountains to enjoy the best view possible of the day. The arctic foxes are nearby and might appear without notice. The tour takes about 10-12 hours and the stay in Hornvík is around 6-7 hours, spent walking and enjoying all the magnificent things that catch your eyes. This hike is for people in moderate shape. The hiking distance is about 6 km on rough and on some steep and slippery grounds.