ATV - Isafjordur

In 2 hours on an ATV you are able to see all the surroundings of Isafjordur in a great and fun way. This tour starts downtown Isafjordur. Our guide makes sure you know the bike before we take off. We drive through the town up towards the mountain, where we take the gravel road into the fjord. From there we drive down to the beach and again up another mountain. We drive old gravel roads, up to the top of the mountain Þverfjall on Breidadalsheidi From there you have an amazing panoramic view ower Skutulsfjordur and to the next fjords. On the way back we drive through the forrest in Tungudalur. Great way to experience Isafjordur and its surroundings with a different perspective. Photostops where you want 1-2 people on each bike Our bikes are automatic and easy to drive. All you need is a drivers licence. If you dont have much time and want to see it all -this is it!