Farms & Fjords - Private sightseeing tour - 1-4 guests

Bolungarvík village

The tour will lead you to a countryside and fishing villages where you will get some interesting information about the inhabitants´ daily life and work. We will start by driving through Ísafjörður to Tungudalur valley were we stop to enjoy a beautiful waterfall surrounded by green nature. From Tungudalur we drive to Önundarfjörður and stop at Flateyri, fishing village. There you can walk around, visit the old bookstore,  go inside the local church with its beautiful stained glass windows. Or take a walk up to the viewing platform above the village or explore the harbor and look at the boats. There are also good cafés in Flateyri and in Önundarfjördur if you might want to stop and have refreshments.
Next we drive to the other side of the same fjord and visit the guides farm where you get to know the rural farmers way of living. There you can take a look at the nesting area of the eider duck, a wild bird that produces a unique, natural product that is the eiderdown. You will hear about the eider ducks, feel their down and if you are lucky you might get to observe the bird in the wild.
Next, we will drive to Bolungarvík, where you can see Ósvör, an old fishing station with turf houses and fishing boats. We stop by a beautiful lighthouse and drive around the harbor area, where you can observe the lively community.

If the weather allows, you can also get the chance of a walk on the beautiful white beach in Önundarfjörður or drive up to the Bolafjall mountains.

The trip ends with driving through Ísafjörður city.

The tour route can be altered depending on the participants’ interests, weather conditions and seasons.