Boat Tour to Grimsey Island

Grimsey in Steingrímsfjörður is the biggest island in the Strandir region. The legend says that Grimsey was made when three trolls were trying to dig the Westfjords apart from Iceland. When tossing stones, lava, and mud in all directions, Grimsey Island was formed as well as all the islands in Breiðafjörður. Fortunately, the trolls didn’t succeed, but only 8 km remained on sunrise and the trolls turned to rock. People lived on the island until the 20th century both fishermen and farmers.

We offer boat tours twice a day from June 15th – August 15th to Grímsey island in Steingrímsfjörður to view the ocean wildlife (birds, seals, whales, and puffins). Grímsey has the largest island nesting site for Puffin, the estimated quantity is 300.000 birds, and there of about 80.000 nesting couples. The tour takes approximately 3 hours and we sail around Grímsey island. One stop is made to go on the island, for those who want to, with an English-speaking, native guide.