Straumnesfjall Hike - Hornstrandir


We offer an easy one-day hike that leads from the abandoned farm of Látrar up to Straumnesfjall mountain, where various war ruins can be seen. The chances of anyone stumbling across the ruined buildings on top of a mountain are practically non-existent. The mountain itself remote as remote can be and the site wide open to the harshest winds and weather.

We sail from Ísafjöður in the afternoon and after little over an hour we get to shore by Látrar in Aðalvík. From there we will follow a clear track leading onto Látrafjall mountain. After getting to the top you will be able to enjoy the great view or the misty fog, explore the outside of the stations built by the US military in the fifties and try to understand how being stationed here during the WWII must have felt like. We will choose a different route back by descending through Öldualur Valley down to Rekavík. We will be back in Ísafjördur in the late evening.