Vigur - Paradise Island

Vigur Island, or Puffin Island, as many of our visitors call the island, is one of Westfjords and Iceland's most popular attractions.  The relaxed atmosphere, tranquility, and harmony of thousands of birds in Vigur complete the beautiful landscape and leaves its visitors with an otherworldly feeling. Over the years the island has earned itself a great reputation and is, therefore, a must on any traveler's itinerary. Its friendly inhabitants welcome you in their relaxed manner and somehow, one feels that time stands still in Vigur. 

The 3-hour tour starts in Ísafjörður and after a half an hour boat ride we get to the shore of the island. Once there we take a guided walk around the island. It is a perfect opportunity to see the abundance of birds in their natural environment. The island is a home for thousands of birds e.g. eider ducks, arctic terns, puffins & black guillemot during spring and summer. Most of the birds fly off to their winter homes around mid-august. The island family will serve homemade refreshments in an old mid-19th-century cow house which has been restored into a beautiful and welcoming reception area — the perfect way to complete your visit before returning to Ísafjörður.