Hornvík - Height & Sights

Join us for a hike in the heart of Hornstrandir, taking in all of its beauty, including Hornbjarg bird cliffs and Hornvík bay. When limited to only a couple of days in Hornstrandir, the toughest part can be deciding where to go. Hornvík Bay is a clear favourite for many travellers and is our recommendation for the “I only have a couple of days, where should I go?” traveller. We totally recommend doing more than a day trip to the nature reserve as nature takes on a different shape in the evenings. The Arctic Fox comes out from their dens searching for food, the midnight sun shines straight into Hornvík bay and it's very cosy to sit around the table in our base camp enjoying a nice cup of tea talking to your fellow travellers. The wildlife in Hornvík is amazing with over 6 million birds nesting on the cliffs, Arctic Foxes that are so relaxed that you can enjoy their company very close up and many species of waders that call the bay their home. Nature is so pristine and breathtaking, you will return from this trip a different person. We sleep in comfortable 2-person tents and have a big separate cooking/eating tent which is heated, where we spend time socializing and drying off our gear!